Torben Johansen - guitar & vocals

Søren Laugesen - bass & vocals

Benny Woitowitz - drums


The beginning

Escape Artists from Haderslev was a part of the Danish underground scene in the years 1981 through 1984. The band played a series of gigs in Copenhagen, Århus, Vejle, Odense and other Danish cities. Some gigs were with Sods (later Sort Sol) and some with Gangway. The band also played the legendary punk/new-wave temple Saltlageret before it was demolished. Danish National Radio, DR, recorded a concert in their Studio 2 in 1983, which was broadcast later that year. Escape Artists was featured on the Irmgardz-released compilation Somewhere Outside (1983) with 3 songs, released the self-financed 7” single The Howl (b/w My World) (1984) and the compact cassette Baby Burn This World (1984) with 6 songs taken from the unreleased album Brittle China (1983). In 1984 Escape Artists went on hiatus.



Torben Johansen joined Gangway on keyboards and backing vocals (1985-1998) and produced recordings, worked as A&R first at BMG, later Sony BMG and recently worked at Sony Music Denmark. Søren Laugesen e.g. played guitar in The Stage and bass in ArghDie Tommies! Benny Woitowitz was active in End Of Your Garden (1980-82), Tristan T (1982-88) and Geeza (2003-04), on bass and guitar.



Around 2006 Escape Artists began slowly to meet again in the original line-up in varying rehearsal spaces in Copenhagen. In the beginning of 2010 a permanent base for rehearsals was secured and new material quickly materialised. In the summer of 2010 the tracks included on the EP ashes & debris were recorded. This EP was released on the bands’ own label in December 2010 on 10” vinyl, download and cd-on-demand.

The band played their first gig in 27 years on September 24 at the Rust venue in Copenhagen, and old recordings of the never released 1983 album Brittle China surfaces, were remastered and 6 of the songs appear as the EP Brittle China (shards EP) released on 11/11 2011.


Debut album

During summer and autumn 2012 the band records and mixes 27 songs of own breed, in the best possible DIY style. The band handles all practical and technical matters in relation to the recordings, by using their own gear supplemented by borrowed equipment and studio facilities. Likewise, the songs are mixed and mastered by own forces with own gear. In August 2012 the band plays 2 concerts for  specially invited audiences, one at Philipsborg, Anslet Hage, Southern Jutland and one at Christianshavns Beboerhus, Copenhagen to celebrate the drummer’s 50th birthday.

On November 11, 2012, the compilation ADBC (the EPs) was released, consisting of the two EPs as well as two tracks from the summer session and an alternative recording of The Howl from 1984. In September/October an auction is held via this website for a unique 10” dubplate with the song The End from the summer sessions. After a careful selection process, 13 songs were selected for the self-titled debut album released November 21, 2012.




Somewhere Outside (Irmgardz IRMG8 1983)(Karma CD 2009) 3 songs

Brittle China (Replick Muzik REP8 1983)(recorded but never released album)

The Howl / My World (Replick Muzick REP13 1984 7” single)

Baby Burn This World (Replick Muzick REP17 1984 compact cassette with 6 songs from BC)

ashes & debris (Escape Artists ESC001 2010 10” vinyl, download, stream & CD-on-demand)

Brittle China (shards EP) (Escape Artists ESC002 download, stream & CD-on-demand)

ADBC (the EP’s) (Escape Artists ESC003 download, stream & CD-on-demand)

Escape Artists (Escape Artists ESC004 download, stream & CD-on-demand)