Escape Artists Newsletter September 2012



We enjoyed a couple of great gigs in August.

The first one at Philipsborg outside Christiansfeld in Southern Jutland, where a biannual mini-festival has thrived for more than a decade. We were preceded by a young powerful death metal band, Breath from Beneath from Odense. Their drummer was 19 years old – talk about contrasts!

Next we played at Christianshavns Beboerhus in Copenhagen, where drummer Benny celebrated his 50th birthday. The event also featured Tristan T (with Benny on the bass), who made their first appearance in 20+ years. Besides the obvious, the theme of the evening was absinth, and there was no need for adding wormwood – everybody saw an explosion of colours anyway :-)

(Pics, thank you André and Frank)



In the beginning of April, the recording of no less than 27 new songs commenced. We felt that they needed to be put down on the harddrive – to make room for more new songs!

These 27 tracks are now in the phase of mixing, and it looks like there will be enough material of a quality that allows us to compile a proper album. This will be the first in our career – hence the working title 1st. Expected release date is November 10, 2012.



During the mixing of the coming album, a dubplate (aluminium acetate with a lacquer surface) was made of one of the songs ‘The End’. This is a unique 10”  (literally, there is only this single one, pictured rightclick image to see the big picture). We have decided to put it up for auction (see front page). The auction terminates on October 12, 2012.